September 6, 2008 at 5:41 pm (Family)

Dear All and Sundry,

I am exceedingly proud to present Avery Elizabeth Lynch to the world. Avery was born at 11:35 PM on September 3, and is already making her mother and father very proud. She had a rough ride at first, and had to go to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the hospital to take care of her, but she is doing just fine there, thanks to the care of the incredible nurses there (AKA the Baby Ninjas), who are also taking the time to teach Daddy a few of the essential parenting skills, like changing diapers and burping!

I’ve attached a few pictures of my beautiful baby girl. Things are still pretty busy for us here, so there may not be updates regularly, but I’m sure that, when Avery gets to come home, we’ll post some pictures of that, too. In the meantime, admire her totally awesome hair!


  1. Wil said,

    Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. And the hair! Wow! And from the looks of those biceps, she’ll be swinging a softball bat faster than you can “bat” an eye. (Groan.) Now for the fun part – bringing her home and PARENTING! (Speaking from recent experience…)

    Uncle Wil & Aunt Jen

  2. Joseph Vaughan said,

    You all look really well. Congratulations! Way to go.

  3. Alma said,

    * * * Congratulations Heather and John!! * * * :oD

    OMG!!! Avery is so beautiful…and you gotta love the hair…and those lips!! She’s absolutely adorable. Truly an angel.

    You guys are going to be great in your new roles as “mom” and “dad”. John – try not to spoil her too much. Heather – it’s never too soon to go out and buy her her first glove. I can’t wait to meet Avery in person.

    Big hugs & smooches to the three of you,

  4. Marya Krakowiak said,

    Congratualations! Jen sent me a link and so, I simply had to check out your new addition to the family. Avery is adorable!

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