I Am a Filthy Liar

April 30, 2008 at 6:26 pm (Education, Environment, Family, Uncategorized)

So, just days after my musings about a post-apocalyptic future and my own current and future inability to survive in those conditions, on account of a lack of time to invest in such skills, I find myself compelled to eat at least a little bit of crow. Luckily, it is still fairly warm, which makes it less offensive than it might otherwise be. :o) Behold:


Yes, dear readers, that is indeed a small vegetable garden. But what brought about this rapid reshuffling of my priorities, you might ask? Of course, my lovely, perfect wife. Not two days after my blog posting about not having the time to learn how to garden, etc., and presumably in ignorance of said post, she told me that she wanted to try planting a vegetable garden for our house. Well, I am not one to argue with Fate or Providence when presented so plainly with evidence of their will, so I tossed out my plans to go to the Festival of Books both days this past weekend (I only went Saturday), and instead spent Saturday evening and Sunday morning preparing the soil as best I knew how and putting in a small group of tomatoes, bell peppers, basil, zucchini and pumpkins, along with a few different types of flowers. And, if this experiment in gardening is successful, who knows what I’ll try next year?

I think that one of the reasons that I felt too intimidated to plant a garden before my wife’s intervention is that, reading online about square-foot gardening, companion planting, etc., I was looking very much at organic, labor intensive types of gardening. Not that I have anything against those ideas: In fact, I can see myself transforming into an organic farmer one of these years, if I start to get good at it. But the idea of having to do all of that, on my first time out the gate, really put me off. This time, all I did to prepare the soil this time was dig down about six inches and mix that dirt in with a few bags of potting and/or gardening soil. And I feel pretty good about that decision, because I actually have a garden! By taking my time and learning different techniques at my own pace, I hope that I’ll be more likely to continue exploring this life-path. And, at least this summer, I will hopefully get to do some cooking with my own garden-fresh veggies, which will be wonderful!!


  1. marystan said,


  2. SMS said,

    I’m inspired. If only I had a wife that could move me to do such things! Nice Job!

  3. Wil said,

    The more, the tastier! Good luck! …er, I mean, how’d it go?

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