I’ve Seen Stuff Like This Happen

February 27, 2008 at 10:42 pm (Humor, Travel)

And trust me, it isn’t pretty. But it sure is funny! One time on the excavation, our foreman came in with some tarps that he was setting up. After a minute or so, I could swear that I smelled smoke, but I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Our foreman insisted that it came from the fields being burned in the area (even though there weren’t any actively being burned). After another minute, one of my diggers smelled it, too. But the foreman still insisted that it came from the burning fields. Finally, I insisted on looking around, and quickly realized that the smoke was coming from him! He’d been smoking a cigarette outside the site before coming into my dig area, and had accidentally tossed his cigarette butt onto the tarp he was preparing. The but had then ignited the tarp in a few areas. It was easily put out, after which Massoum (the digger) and I spent the next two minutes rolling on the floor with laughter. It felt like one of those Looney Toons where Daffy or Bugs sets his tail on fire and doesn’t know it. Or, maybe you just needed to be there.

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