Tiny Bubbles…

November 23, 2007 at 11:25 pm (Movies)

It’s official, Monkey has discovered both the joy and the frustration of bubbles.

Unfortunately, the bubbles don’t show up too well on Youtube-quality videos, but beggars can’t be choosers, and neither can proud kitty owners.  Ask me to show you the full-quality video some time.  Now, if only he was this cute all the time…


  1. filmneye said,

    So, explain to me how a no-talent kitty chasing after bubbles is worthy of being captured on videotape and shown to the general public? This is a complete waste of one’s time & eyes, and not even worth submitting to that ABC show for home movies.

  2. jlynch1977 said,

    Well, I guess I can answer that one of two ways. The first is, the fact that most videos on Youtube are visible to the general public does not necessitate that every video put up there be of interest to, or even intended for, the general public, as long as no particular harm comes from the general public seeing such things. There is a certain class of people, loosely defined as family and friends of my wife and I, who ARE interested in seeing the antics of our kitty, talented or not, and, your offended sense of taste aside, I don’t think that anyone is being particularly harmed by the footage.

    Second, if you read other postings on my blog (say, Generation V or Digital Locative Storytelling), you’ll see that I’m rather interested in the nature of narrative and how the increasing availability of multimedia devices influences the way that we tell stories and communicate information. Your argument sounds a great deal like that often levied against pulp fiction, science fiction, pornography and/or blogging, the latter being a medium rather suited to the vapid expression of pointless unworthy details of daily living. But that is a necessary side effect of giving writing, the primary medium of all of these styles of storytelling/communication, to the wider human community: People use it in ways that you’d never expect, and ways that you may even find to be offensive or meaningless, but that have meaning to the creators.

    In that case, you may very well consider this video of the aforementioned antics of my kitty as my own experiment (successful or not, you and the future will decide) with storytelling in the medium of video, its rather mundane nature perhaps a result of my lack of training in the finer points of film theory and composition. However, the fact that it IS what people are doing with their video cameras makes it, in my humble opinion as a historian, rather worth viewing, just as a record of human behavior and discovery.

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