Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, anyone?

November 23, 2007 at 9:16 pm (Humor, Sports, Travel)

A month or so back, Penny Arcade linked to an old US military Titan missile base that was being sold.  I, of course, was immediately interested, not JUST because it still has the three missile silos intact, but ALSO because the bulk of the complex consists of a series of massive underground hangers and buildings.  I immediately began thinking about hosting Ren Faires and fantasy LARPers there, since what nerd would turn down a chance to hang out in a mothballed missile base?  It’s like the news that NORAD was being turned over to the National Park Service.  Camping in a cold war stronghold, anyone?

George, however, one-upped me.  He suggested turning one or more of the old silos into an underground climbing wall.  Then, we’d turn most of the underground hangers into hotel space, and make the whole thing a luxury outdoors/action sport resort.  People would be able to get their “game” on either above or below ground, and relax after a hard day of climbing or biking or whatever in the massage parlor, or the 5-star restaurant, or perhaps in the underground swimming pool.  So, if anyone has 1.5 million dollars that they want to use to fund this project, just get in touch with me…

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