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November 15, 2007 at 11:05 pm (Computers, Movies, Writing)

I have finally gotten myself a Youtube account, under the handle johnlynch1977. Can you believe that jlynch1977 was already taken? I’ve already uploaded two videos, one of Monkey playing fetch with a sponge (he’s funny like that) and the other of a little off-roading excitement during our recent trip to Joshua Tree National Park with Michelle and Omar (and hopefully I’ll find the time soon to create a Flikr account or the equivalent and get a few of the photos from that online; good times were had by all). I’m linking to them here.


Joshua Tree:

Unfortunately, I now have a problem, one that I really didn’t foresee but is suddenly driving me up the wall: How do I start using this ability to make and upload videos on a regular basis? It may sound silly, but if you’ve followed my thoughts on this blog, you know that I’m obsessed with storytelling in various media. I’ve been thinking about various video-related projects for a while, a couple that even involve Youtube, but these were complex projects involving planning and scripts.  I never really saw video as something just created on the fly, the way that I might take a picture. But both of these videos were just that, created on the spur of the moment. Heather was showing me Monkey’s new trick, and I grabbed the camera for kicks. I was photographing the Jeep’s situation, and just threw the camera into video mode for fun.  From actual event to digital form, ready for upload, within five minutes.

It was “easy,” just a few days ago, to decide which gadgets I’d take on, say, a camping trip. Digital camera and, if I ever get one, GPS. Everything else can wait until I get home. The same for traveling cross-country. I’ve taken the video camera to Connecticut before, and I even made a short video out of the results, but it took a lot of time and work, more than I’m able to expend on a regular basis. Now, I’m looking at a paradigm for video storytelling that doesn’t require much work, that is just fast and loose, and my mind is rather boggled by the implications. Can you tell a story using video without planning?  What makes it successful or compelling?  Frankly, I’m not even sure that it will amount to anything at all. I may just post a few videos and forget about it. However, next time I go camping, I rather expect to bring my video camera, too.

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  1. Agent Flying Mouse said,

    I’m grateful I know you and that you write about how your mind works. You are truly a joy.

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