The Failed Experiment

November 1, 2007 at 1:36 pm (Dissertation, Family, Travel, Writing)

Sadly, I have been forced to mark my recent trip to Connecticut as a failure. Not because of any lack of fun or happiness in the trip itself; we had a great time, got to see a lot of family and friends, and generally enjoyed ourselves immensely. However, in terms of my “grand experiment,” to blog the entire trip on a daily basis, I was (as you can see from the lack of posting on the blog) rather unsuccessful.The problem isn’t at all what I thought it would be, namely, lack of a decent internet connection. My in-laws, with whom we stayed, actually got cable internet, so I could just plug in to their router and get a high-speed connection instantly. Nor was it a lack of free time, which was in ample supply, between our lack of sleep (necessitating an hour or so in the afternoon for naps) and the World Series (which took up four hours of Heather’s attention each evening). I could shift the blame to the pile of Firefly DVDs that I borrowed from my friend to watch on the plane, which I tended to pop into the computer every time I could escape from the crowd. But that would be blaming the symptom, not the problem.

No, the real problem (I think, anyway) is my lack of self-discipline. I’m far too easily distracted by stories, movies, comics, anything that provides more immediate gratification to my imagination than the actual process of creating/writing does. It’s why I have trouble getting work done on my dissertation, why I have trouble working on my stories when I have free time, why I have trouble updating my blog regularly. Despite my dreams of being a famous writer and travel blogger, I have this innate weakness for entertainment that continually derails me.

As for how to deal with the dissertation, etc., well, I’ll have to think about that. I’m not bad if I have a regular schedule, but we’ll see if I can stick to one. As for writing, especially travel writing, though, I think that the key may be to not allow myself to bring any movies or books with me on the trip. In combination with setting aside time every day to write and go through pictures, I hope that the lack of distracting materials will prevent me from becoming sidetracked. That’s not to say that I haven’t enjoyed watching all of the episodes of Firefly over the last few days, but if I have plans to get “something” done, I need to make sure that they aren’t there, because I don’t have the willpower to avoid them.

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  1. Agent Flying Mouse said,

    You’re so disciplined in so many ways, you might want to cut yourself some slack in this area. Unless of course jaguars are sneaking up on you, preparing to rip your flesh. In that case, travel writing is the only antidote.

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