A Creepy Week

July 1, 2007 at 2:29 pm (Computers, Horror, Humor)

There was a lot of creepy news this week, and mostly not the good kind of creepy.  No, I’m not talking about the events over the weekend in the UK, although those are indeed terrifying, and my heart goes out to everyone across the Pond right now.  No, I’m talking about that more subtle kind of terror, that gradually sneaks up on you, when you think everything is normal, or at least under control, and then you realize that it isn’t.  Take, for example, this story from Wired, which comes to you courtesy of the boys at Penny Arcade.  It’s  a long read, I’ll grant, but nothing will prepare you for the last two paragraphs.  It’s absolutely fascinating, at the same time that it’s thoroughly disturbing.  Or check this out, from Bryan at Infocult, about the recent Benoit murder/suicide story:  Apparently, someone posted a note about his wife’s death on Wikipedia, hours before the police found the body.  Ugh.  It sends shivers down my spine.

Luckily, even with creepy, there’s a bright side.  Anath at Applegeeks directed me to this choice tidbit, on page 10 of Something Aweful’s most recent Photoshop Phriday.  Wait for all the images to load, and then scroll down to the bottom.  All ten pages worth of images are pretty funny, if thoroughly offensive (maybe that’s why they’re funny!).  But, imho, this last one takes the cake.  Storytime, anyone?

1 Comment

  1. Bryan Alexander said,

    Always glad to share the Gothic frisson.

    That Reiser story is very powerful, isn’t it?

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