June 28, 2007 at 9:27 am (General, Sports)

You see that number, that number in the title? That number is the number of how awesome I am. And, just in case it isn’t absolutely pellucid, that’s pretty awesome.

Yes, dear readers, that is the length of time that it took me to run one mile today. Six minutes, fifty-one seconds and seven-tenths of a second. Four painful, brutal laps around the track, eight points where I considered quitting early, sixteen whole spots where I told myself that I was quitting this foolish quest for lost youth today whether I beat seven minutes or not. But I did not quit, and I have therefore reached the second of the two goals that I set for myself before turning 30.

Honestly, though, I don’t know if I will continue pushing myself this hard. If I do, I’m certainly going to need to get some ice packs here at school, to put on my shins. More importantly, however, I’m not sure what my goal is, anymore. My original goal was to run a seven-minute mile, to prove that I could still do it a month and a half before my 30th birthday. Now that I’ve done that, I need to reassess. My wife wants me to keep shaving off the seconds, to aim for 6:30, or even 6:00, and then keep that up two or three days a week. I don’t know if I want it bad enough to push myself that hard.

I’m also exploring alternate means of exercise. I’ve resisted riding my bike in our neighborhood, for example, because it is (a) all hills and (b) heavily trafficked. Yesterday, I finally broke down and rode up the hill, at 6:15AM, before the cars get out on the road. Besides realizing that it’s actually a very short ride (only about 20, 25 minutes), I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The scenery is a whole lot better than running, in any case: there are some great views of the city from up on top of the ridge, and it’s still pretty quiet and peaceful. I’ll just need to plan a route that doubles back on itself, so that I spend more than ten or fifteen minutes climbing.

But first I’m going to crawl into a dark corner and spend the next year or two catching my old, decrepit breath…

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  1. Agent Flying Mouse said,

    June is quite a month for you. Congrats again.

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