I passed!

June 22, 2007 at 10:13 am (Dissertation, Horror)

For those of you who read this blog in a valiant (if doomed) attempt to keep up on what’s actually going on it my life: It’s official, I have advanced to candidacy. On Monday, I successfully defended my dissertation proposal before my faculty committee, and they approved it. It’s not all roses and bonbons, though; now I have to actually write the darn thing…

To preempt the inevitable question, my dissertation will study Mesopotamian religious beliefs through their beliefs regarding ghosts and the netherworld. Specifically, I’ll be investigating individuals in myth and ritual who “pass between the worlds,” (gods and heroes who journey to the underworld, and ghosts and necromancers in popular religion) in order to understand better the contradiction between the belief that death is a permanent, irreversible condition and the belief that spirits can come back from the dead as ghosts, and (in Mesopotamian culture, at least) continue to interact in the society of the living. It’s an interesting question, and I get to write about ghosts, etc., so I’m pretty pleased. So, wish me luck and (more importantly) discipline!

1 Comment

  1. Agent Flying Mouse said,

    Row, row, row your boat…
    Well, congratulations but I think your defense was merely a formality because I know you’ve got this thing wired.
    On the other hand, maybe your committee is just messing with your head and they’ll let you continue on this merry path and throw the whole thing out the window a year or so down the line.
    Nah, you rock.

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