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April 3, 2007 at 2:12 pm (Uncategorized)

NPR is a great resource. Not only do they keep me informed about the latest Iraq shenanigans, Korea shenanigans and Republican shenanigans, but they often provide me with a news article that I find so entertaining that I post about it on the blog. Occasionally, however, an article comes along that is more than funny or bizarre, it’s downright… cinematic. Specifically, I’m referring to this fine piece of investigative journalism, a plot so ingenious that it sounds like it comes straight out of a Hollywood script. Pneumatic tubes buried under the starting gates of a horse racing track, designed to fire (presumably drugged) darts into the bellies of the horses as they waited for the race to start, thereby influencing the race’s outcome. I’m already seeing the plot: organized crime, the unkempt private detective, the femme fatale… Ingenious, gentlemen, whoever you are!

By itself, that story would have probably been blogworthy, but then this other gem came along, courtesy of Bryan Alexander over at Infocult (incidentally, the title of this post is also borrowed from him). Just when you think that even Joss Whedon had declared a break from amnesia, UFOs, mysterious religious structures and seven pints worth of bloody satanic symbols scrawled on the walls of a cheap apartment, the darn Italians have to go and prove you wrong. I wish I could find more on this story, but everyone I’ve seen so far is just copying the Guardian story. If I find anything else, I’ll make sure to add it.


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