More Sunken Cities…

February 24, 2007 at 6:26 pm (Diving, Travel, Writing)

I think that I mentioned awhile back that I had a pipe dream of one day writing a travel book focusing on sunken cities and other human relics that are NOT boats and planes, because (a) they’re cool and (b) they should be a small enough group that I can do most of them for a book. Well, I found a new one today, Dwaraka! On the Indian coast, this is a holy city that was partially sunk and was rediscovered in 1981. According to this news site, the Indian government has even set up a diving operation there for tourists. So add that to the list!

In other news, I am seriously going to try to practice this “travel writing” thing. I’ll probably get a cheap Mac laptop from UCLA this summer, if not before, and take it with me to Spain, and see how my writing from there goes. Worst case scenario, my writing sucks and I get over it. Best case, I’m a freakin’ genius. We’ll see!

Edit:  I’ve even come up with a name for the book, Poor Man’s Atlantis.  Pretty cool, don’t you think?

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