Some Educational Audio

February 5, 2007 at 9:39 pm (Education, Languages, Music)

While chatting with Angela at work today, somehow, this NPR article that I heard a while ago came up. It was about a team that creating rock-sounding songs using a lot of SAT vocabulary to help kids learn the words. The neat thing about it was that the songs that they demoed in the article were pretty catchy! Plus, it’s just fun listening to the words they stick in there. I like their idea of not explaining the words, per se, but of putting the new words in apposition to simple phrases of the same or similar meaning.

While thinking about that, I was reminded of this project that I came across years ago, Earworms. Their idea is that music gets stuck in the brain more easily than regular reading or speech (which is reasonably true), and so they created a musical background to go with basic vocab and grammar lessons in foreign languages. Although I wasn’t blow away by the free sample that you can listen to online, or the total quantity of lessons on each CD, it’s still a pretty interesting idea.

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