Dissertation Update

January 31, 2007 at 10:47 pm (Dissertation, Education)

Well, I was pretty down about my dissertation today. Last night, I tried digging into the reed mats a little more, and I became rather convinced that they weren’t going to tell me how big the boats were, after all. So, I was in a crappy mood for much of the day. Since I knew I’d feel even worse if I didn’t do anything tonight (and since I go through these mood swings regularly), I forced myself to spend some time looking through texts on the CDLI, and I came up with an interesting idea. In some cases, we have the length and width of the reed mats. Why not just prepare a whole article/paper on the reed mats and see where it gets me? I’ll just pick up where Goetze left off (if he is, indeed, the last person to work on this) and try analyzing everything I can, including the size of the mats and their materials/construction. This could involve some chatting with Willeke, since reed basketry is her specialty, and could be a strong argument for her being on my committee. Plus, I know that I’ve found stuff that no one else has noticed, so I just put it all together. I can be a bean-counter, as it were; I like being a bean-counter.

On a side note, I heard about the podcast “12 Byzantine Rulers” today. I’ll have to listen to it, see what this guy sounds like and what the content is. Wouldn’t it be cool to do something similar for some period of Mesopotamian history, say, the Neobabylonian empire or the Ur III period? I could dig being an internet superstar… :o)

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