2007: My Grand Plans

January 10, 2007 at 8:24 pm (Dissertation, Diving, Family)

So, I’ve decided to make a list of “plans” that I have for 2007, sort of New Year’s resolutions, if you will. I’m grouping them by priority, with 1 being the highest.

Priority 1 (I must do this!)

  1. Defend my dissertation by the end of March.
  2. Write my dissertation. I’m sick and tired of being in school and not having an income of my own.

Priority 2 (I should be able to fit all this in)

  1. Write more creative material. I’ve spent a long time not writing, because I told myself that I couldn’t sit still for long enough, that I didn’t have the attention span, that I needed to learn to draw, etc. What I need to do is just write for half an hour to an hour a day, most days, and get my ideas out, then come back later and worry about editing and drafts.
  2. Get cardio into my life. When I was going to the gym regularly, it was easy to lift weights, even though those weren’t really getting my what I wanted, which was a defined chest and midsection. What is more important is doing cardio, e.g. running or biking, and if I start doing it regularly, then I’ll get said defined body. Then I can start lifting again. As long as it isn’t cutting into my dissertation. :o)
  3. Push my computer game. I have some opportunities to get funding, but I need to push it, and I need to research it. This will mean looking for sources of funding, but it will also mean comparing it to other “casual” games, to try to find similar games that are “fun,” so that I can improve on that feature in my own game. Anyway, if this game can fund me next year, then great!
  4. Get a job? If I defend my proposal, and if I’m writing my dissertation successfully, then I should be able to get a full-time job, which would be excellent. That would mean a lot more income, more saving, and probably buying a house and starting a family.

Priority 3 (it would be nice, but it may not happen)

  1. Start SCUBA Diving again. I had so much fun diving and snorkelling in Hawaii, that I’ve decided that I need to pick this up again. There is some great diving here in SoCal, I just need to find it. And a dive partner. Too bad Rob is leaving town.
  2. Camp more. Camping is too much fun. I’ve got a list of places that I want to visit this spring/summer: Yosemite, Santa Cruz island, Joshua Tree, Anza Borrega, the slot canyons of Zion in Utah, perhaps even Baja California. Maybe Janine and her dad, and Rob and Amy can come along, or Lisa (and Matt, while he’s here).
  3. Really learn Akkadian and Sumerian. I really don’t feel that I know either language well enough, and it will take a lot of work to fix that. But I will need to fix that, if I’m going to teach these languages one of these days.
  4. Learn more about Linux. This is really not a priority, I’d just like to do it, perhaps by taking those classes at LACC on setting up a Linux machine. Now that I’ve discovered Zotero, a browser-based citation tool, I don’t really see any need for Windows. Except perhaps to run Flash.
  5. Learn Ruby on Rails. This may involve setting up my own (disconnected) webserver here at home, but it is a powerful toolset and it could open some major doors for me one of these days.
  6. Organize my life. What this may mean is getting pictures on Flickr, getting rid of books and CDs that I don’t want, and borrowing books from the library rather than buying them.
  7. Do more creative projects, like the video for Mike and Josh. I have fun doing it, I just need to make time for the priority 1 and 2 stuff first.
  8. Get my spending in control. I’ve been veering a little too close to the edge lately, pushing more and more onto the “family” budget and off of the “personal” budget. That has to stop.
  9. Start a family???


  1. Heather and Sammy said,

    Why is “start a family” #9 on priority #3?…..

  2. John said,

    It’s there not because it’s a low priority, but because I put off writing it as long as I could. It’s exciting, but it’s also pretty scary! :o)

  3. kabababrubarta said,

    Cool! kabababrubarta

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