Some neat ideas for the future

January 2, 2007 at 1:08 pm (Dissertation, Diving)

After my commitment the other day to making my dissertation my priority, I (of course) came up with a number of interesting things that I might like to do one day. Of course, now it’s all part of my “master plan.” That is, finish the diss/get a job in Educational Technology, then branch out into web publishing via blogging, podcasting/vodcasting and writing, and eventually create a career where I travel around the world and write cool stuff. Pretty detailed plan, don’ cha think?

Seriously, though, plans. I was thinking about the possibility of getting a job at CDH and was contemplating some stuff that I might like to do once I got there, and I came up with two ideas. First, pick up that “technology podcast” idea that Stacey and I were discussing right before I left. It could be every other week, and I could research particular topics for one part of the show and interview a specific person for the other part of the show (which would probably be less work…). Not only could it be fun, but it would help me learn about a lot of different technologies and it would expose me to a lot of the tech people here on campus, which could be good if I wanted to work with them in the future. First impressions and all that jazz.

The second idea was a vodcast that I’d like to call “Action Nerds!” Basically, it would profile UCLA and other local scholars whose research takes them out of the library, into exciting outdoor activities. Of course, a lot of the people interviewed would be archaeologists (because that’s MY specialty), but others could be biologists of various sorts, epidemiologists, linguists (if they study or work with people in different countries, on the road), folklorists, geologists, engineers, etc. Basically, it would be an excuse for me to travel to all sorts of cool places and get to do cool things. Now, I just need to get funding…

Actually, however, the idea that got this started was my idea last night that I’d love to write a book that was a guide to sunken cities all over the world. Let’s face it, there are a lot of shipwrecks to be dived, far more than can fit in any one book. But sunken cities, or parts of cities, or other evidence of human habitation? Now that’s unusual… It would be a neat topic on which to write a book, and the research would be fun! Maybe the National Geographic society gives grants for ideas like that… while I’m at it, may the NGS would be interested in supporting my archaeology game if I decide to stay within the nonprofit/academic realm with it. Just thinking outside the box…

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