The purpose of my blog

November 17, 2006 at 10:17 pm (General)

I am contemplating starting a second blog. Indeed, only three days after restarting this blog, I’m already dissatisfied with it. Or, specifically, with its content. I had hoped that it would be a literary and artistic masterpiece, full of poignent observations about the future of education and technology, the continuing relevance of the past, the surreal beauty of the occasional ghost story and musings on fine (and less than fine) wines. Instead, it is gradually (by which I mean three entire posts) turning into a personal corkboard, where I can post info that I want to remember or be able to find again in the future, but not necessarily a digital tourist destination. So, I am thinking about starting a second blog which, in my haze of poetic illusions, will of course fulfil my literary aspirations, while keeping this blog for more mundane notes and commentary. Of course, even writing this post displays my incorrigible vanity, since I don’t need this to remind me; I post this in the obvious hope that someone will one day find me to be so fascinating and worthy of study that they will make it as far as this blog. Well, at least this blog is providing me with a window into the depths of my own soul!

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