Trying to attach files

June 1, 2006 at 7:04 pm (Uncategorized)

I want to make sure that I can attach files before I have Netserv install WordPress on their server. Hopefully, this posting will include a link to an older copy of my CV. This ought to be John’s CV. This also ought to be John’s CV.

Notice the difference between the two of them: The first just gives you the open/download menu, the second takes you to a separate blog page with the file info that you entered when you uploaded it. I can see a lot of useful educational applications for the latter type, such as different parts of the blog linking to the same file, or giving context about an assignment or file without disrupting the flow of the main blog posting.

<edit>So, it took me a while to figure out how to do this. Here’s how it works: Right below the text box for the content of the posting is a second window for uploading and browsing files. It’s funny, but I missed it the first 5 or 10 times I looked for it. It blends in… Once there, you can upload your file from your machine. After that, you choose the “Browse” tab (next to the upload tab on the upload menu) and you’ll see your file listed there. If you click on the file name, a drop-down menu appears.

This is where it gets wacky: You have five options in that menu. The first two are basically toggles. The first toggles between “linked to file,” which just initiates download, as the first link above, and “linked to page,” which creates the context page in the second example. The second option toggles between “using title,” which creates the link using the title that you gave for that file when you uploaded it, and “using filename” which inserts the filename as the link instead. The third option, “send to editor,” is what you press to create said link in your above post in whatever location the cursor is. So, you place the cursor where you want, then you drop down to the browse menu, select the file that you want to add, and click “send to editor.” The link will appear in the text of your posting. “Delete,” the fourth option, is pretty self-explanatory, and “Close Options” closes the dropdown menu.

It is not clear to me if there is any space limit on the server, or a limit to the number of files. But I imagine that, if it’s on our own server, then that won’t be a problem. Here’s to hoping…

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