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June 1, 2006 at 7:36 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m a little confused about uploading and displaying images on my blog. For example, do I use the “Insert Image” link above the post box, or do I upload the image file using the “upload” tool below? Let’s find out, shall we?

Week 10

Okay, so that’s pretty simple. In order to post the above image, I uploaded it just as I would with a file attachment, then I “sent it to the editor.” Once there, I clicked on it to get the box around it, allowing me to change its measurements. So, there it is. Apparently, using the “Insert/edit Link” box on my toolbar above lets me link to an image elsewhere on the web. I also understand now the difference between “browse” and “browse all” on the upload menu. With “browse,” you just see the files that you have uploaded while editing that post; if you choose “browse all,” then you see ALL of the files that you have uploaded.

Week 10

Week 10
<edit>Well, here’s what I get for not reading all of the options. Much like my earlier word document, the drop-down menu for this image in the upload menu gives you a whole set of options. The first, a toggle, lets you choose between “using thumbnail” and “using original.” Hence, the difference in size and quality of the two images above. The second toggle lets you choose between “linked to image,” “linked to page,” or “not linked.” The first of the two thumbnails above is an example of “linked to image.” This just has your thumbnail (or full-size image, if you want) linked to a second webpage with your full-sized image and nothing else. The second option (and the second thumbnail), “linked to page,” creates a whole separate blog page with the image in it, including a comments/reply box, etc. The third option, “not linked,” is what you will probably use when you choose to post the original image. It doesn’t link the image to anything. The other options are the same. You can also edit some of the settings for these images by selecting them, then clicking on the “Insert/edit image” button in the toolbar.

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